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Radar Recovery Center

We are committed to providing each and every patient with the highest quality treatment and care. Our center offers comprehensive new-age therapeutic modalities and traditional evidence-based therapies that cater to the detox and residential levels of care.

We provide our patients with the tools and resources they need to begin their journey toward lifelong recovery. We believe we offer something beyond other treatment centers in order to keep our patients motivated and engaged in their treatment plans, allowing them to focus on achieving recovery.


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Admitting to having an addiction is the first step in the direction of making a positive difference in your life! So let’s get the help you need and deserve. We offer a variety of alcohol rehab intervention programs to customize your drug detox in California treatment experience.

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Unique treatment and recovery experience.

Alike all centers in the Flyland Recovery Network, Radar offers something beyond the traditional treatment experience. Combining professional support with lifestyle tools, we believe our patients have the best opportunity for long-lasting recovery. 

Our beautiful newly constructed facility in San Diego, California features 10 bedrooms each with private bathroom access, a storage credenza, and a bedside entertainment tablet. 

Radar treatment philosophy.

Based on healing-centered approaches with a focus on family support, acceptance of self, and trauma-informed practices. The multidisciplinary team at Radar aims to create an environment in which healing is possible as they strive to provide treatment that is tailored to each individual’s needs. They recognize the social, emotional, physical, and spiritual needs of each person and partner with them in developing a plan that considers how those needs can be addressed. At Radar, they believe in using healing-focused strategies such as mindfulness and cognitive behavioral therapy while providing a safe healing space filled with acceptance and compassion.

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