We are Flyland

Your guiding light to recovery

Our Story

Flyland Recovery Network was founded as an organization for those struggling with addiction and substance use-related disorders. We began our journey not with the intention of changing treatment or therapies, but only to improve the method of delivery.

The development of our network reared from decades of industry experience combined with the desire to increase national treatment outcomes. We believe what makes Flyland different is the curated team of high-energy experts and our advanced technology.

Our Philosophy

Let us be the light.

We are committed to providing the initial phase of care in the recovery journey and support for lifelong recovery. We understand the importance of building a solid foundation during detox and residential care that will follow into the transitional phases of treatment. Our treatment philosophy stems from a recovery model that emphasizes support through holistic and evidence-based practices.


No judgment. I am you, you are me.

Care with heart

We treat from a place of love.


Be thankful for the process.


Peer support is the fuel for light.

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Let's Start Your Recovery

Admitting to having an addiction is the first step in the direction of making a positive difference in your life! So let’s get the help you need and deserve. We offer a variety of alcohol rehab intervention programs to customize your drug detox in California treatment experience.

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